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Meta-Bricks is a 3D PFP collection on the Elrond Blockchain and launched as a @Gnogen DAO partner.

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2022 >
  • Collection Launch ✅
  • Gnogen DAO Launch ✅
  • Roadmap updates ✅
  • Ranking tool launch on our website ✅
  • Official ranking to Deadrare ✅
  • Hold to earn. 50% of secondary royalties distributed to holders (LKMEX)
  • Brick token distribution
  • Release of a Girl collection
  • Boys + Girls = Kids 👀
  • Discounts on future releases for holders
  • Free drops to holders
  • Animated 360s to original holders (daily holder snapshots)
  • Project voting
  • Fully transparent tree planting initiative
  • Tree plot certificate NFT drops
  • Sustainable merchandising
  • Real life merchandise Bricks


Is the Deadrare ranking correct?

The Deadrare ranking is ‘an ok’ indicator but it is not the official ranking. The official ranking can be found here.

How do the daily snapshots for the animated 360 Brick Drop work for the long term holders?

The animated 360s are rewards for long-term, original holders. The daily random snapshots are to check if an owner is eligible. So basically a check whether the owner has always had the Brick NFT in the wallet. This must be the wallet that minted the Brick NFT (the original owner). There is no timing available for these drops yet but it won't happen anytime soon as this is a long term reward.


“Daily Holder Snapshots: Daily confirmation taken for proof of custody in wallet.

Original Holder: Holder who has minted NFT and never sold/listed the NFT”

Will the animated 360 bricks replace the original I hold in my wallet?

No, everyone gets to keep their original Bricks.

Will there be other benefits for holders besides the animated 360s?

Yes, all holders benefit from discounts on future releases, LKMEX distribution from secondary sales and drops. More specifics will come once the project develops. We will always try to find a fair balance between the holders and newcomers to the project.

Is the $BRICK token only for voting rights?

For now the plans are for voting rights but it may very well be more in the future. This depends on how the project will develop over time.

When will the $BRICK token be distributed?

We are still working on a release schedule for the $BRICK token. Once we have that in place we will start working on the system to periodically distribute the token.

How many were sold in Whitelist-Sale?

A little under 2000 were sold in the whitelist-sale.

When will the public sale be?

Because of the current state of the markets we have not decided on a public sale yet. We keep all options open at this stage as we are exploring the possible next steps. All options are weighed to ensure the long term health of the project.